Building Customer Loyalty Through Branding

Why is brand loyalty so important? For the business owner, it is easier to keep existing customers than to search out new customers. Advertising and marketing to new customers is four to six times more expensive than the cost of marketing to your existing customers. A brand-loyal customer is less sensitive to and less likely to stray to a competitor’s promotions.

Brand loyalty reduces customer loss, which improves business growth. You are not replacing lost customers to stay at the same sales volume. Customers must have a favorable attitude toward the product to develop loyalty.

Work on influencing the customer’s attitude. Be sure the customer gets what they want from the product. Create incentives for customers to repeat purchase though frequent buyer programs, gifts, give-aways or other creative means. Stand behind your product. If you don’t, they won’t. Know who your good customers are. Treat those customers well. Remember that once a customer always a customer is not a foregone conclusion.


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