18 thoughts on “Animal Planet Logo Change

  1. I hate both of the logos.
    I think the logo designer has messed up big time.
    I want my old Discovery Channel logo back.
    I want the one I fell in love with (lol, jk)

    The Discovery HD logo is ever worse. Much worse.

    Please Discovery Channel, bring back the logo everyone loved. And Discovery Networks should bring back the old Animal Planet logo as well.

    What’s next? Microsoft makes Macintosh, and Coke makes TVs.


  2. I think the new logos are ugly – I definitely vote for the old ones – if it “ain’t broke – don’t fix it!”

    The money they probably spent on the new logo could have been spent helping animals in need!

  3. yes, the old logos were far more professional, friendlier and better than the new ones. the animal planet’s new “safari” styled logo is simply unprofessional, ugly and hideous.
    the new discovery channel logo (which is not used at the time of my writing in Europe) is slimmer, more stylized and cleaner than the old one, but the old logo has a more more human friendly feeling and colors. please someone start a petition for keeping the old logos. it was too bad someone payed big money to re branding something that was perfect already.

  4. i m sorry….but just want to know more about design..
    how to say that the logo letters has taken on different weights?

    thx for telling..=)

  5. I agree this logo is REALLY ugly and why is the M on its side?? it bothers me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I don’t think the new logo is all that bad…after u get the message the designer was going for. Seeing that they are animals of all different shapes colors size textures, he was just trying to the ANIMAL that vibe.
    I don’t know why the M is on its side though :s

  7. Am I the only one that sees a momma bird feeding a baby bird in the white areas of the sideways “M” of the Animal Planet logo? This plays on the same idea of the arrow in the FedEx logo. Some people do not see it without first being told.

  8. I am very curious in why the M is on its side, and I agree with Mike I honestly don’t think it’s a bad logo what I like about it is that it plays with typography and not illustrations to communicate what animal planet is about, it has by far more personality than the old logo.

  9. I was looking online to see if anyone else had issues with the sideways M on the Animal Planet logo. My only guess is that it’s suppose to represent tiger stripes…but it really bugs me.

  10. The reason why they changed animal planet’s logo is because they’re changing it into an adult channel instead of a family channel and this makes me angry and they’re not putting on shows about animals the only shows with animals are: Dogs 101 ,Cats 101, Pets 101. This is making me so angry because they’re putting on stupid shows like Pit Boss, The Haunted, Confessions Animal Hording, and Pit Bulls and Parolees! GRRRRR!!!!!

  11. I can only think of two things that are worse than SQUASHING typography that someone took months to create. GRRRR indeed!

    “Am I the only one that sees a momma bird feeding a baby bird in the white areas of the sideways “M” of the Animal Planet logo? ”
    If anything, a “momma bird feeding a baby bird” would happen on a vertical plane (ie having the M as it should be).

  12. “The History Channel logo has 2 masonic pillars on the ground with a pyramid to the side. The Animal Planet logo has an “M”, the 13th letter of the alphabet. With the “M” sideways, it’s a 13. Exactly like McDonalds and Arby’s logos sideways. 13 is an Illuminati’s signature number. 13 Bloodlines.”

  13. mikal is exactly right. ^^^
    do your research and you will find that nearly every big corp [who all own eachother] logos are all changing very rapidly recently and they all have a more blatant than before masonic/illuminati/egyptian symbolism in them. Chrysler is straight up the Wings [eye] of Horus and wal*mart changed their star hyphen to a logo of the six pointed sun god. Once you know what to look for, you don’t even have to look for them anymore… they just slap you in the face

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