Landor’s 2006 Breakaway Brands

For the second consecutive year, [tag]Landor[/tag] Associates is proud to announce the exclusive publication of its [tag]Breakaway Brands[/tag] Study in FORTUNE magazine’s September 18th issue, now available on newsstands and at

The study identifies the ten brands in the United States that have made the greatest percentage gains in business value as a result of superb brand strategy and execution over the three-year period, from 2002-2005:

  • Consumer Electronics – iPod
  • Major Appliances – Viking
  • Athletic Shoes – Converse
  • Cough & Cold – Robitussin
  • Electronic Retail – Best Buy
  • Department Stores – Kohl’s
  • Condiments – French’s
  • Insurance – Geico
  • Personal Care – Dove
  • Online Auction – eBay

It is worth mentioning that [tag]iPod[/tag] is the only brand that still stands on the Breakaway list from last year publication, also presented here on brandxpress.

Landor’s strategic experts conducted additional analysis of the ten brands and found that each enhanced their dialogue with customers by embracing one or more of the following trends:

Building on a foundation of trust

This year’s brands earned their customers’ confidence by living up to their promises; in turn, their customers trusted and followed the brands as they diversified and moved into new spaces.

Cultivating brand communities

Leadership brands capitalize on the basic need for human connection by allowing enthusiastic customers to borrow the brand image to express a collective voice: the voice of a brand community.

Empowering customers with knowledge

The ten brands in this year’s list are arming their customers with information; by proactively educating customers, a brand can better manage its image and get valuable feedback in return.

Five brands to watch are also featured in the study. Curves (health clubs), Tampico (fruit drinks), Blue from American Express (credit cards), Cole Haan (shoes) and Hennessey (spirits) showed the greatest gains in brand strength in the last year.

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