Branding retailers in time of crisis

Deloitte released Top global retail trends for 2009 report. In terms of branding, the report has some interesting points:

In an era of slow growth, tight margins, and fckle consumers, the key to success is to differentiate. One critical element in successfully differentiating is communicating that difference to consumers. Hence, branding will require special attention from retailers who want to stand out from the crowd. 

Aside from specialty apparel and luxury retailers, branding has not always been seen as important for retailers—especially those that sell food and other mass products. Yet for these retailers, branding has never been more important. 

Today’s most successful retailers typically have one of two attributes. First, there are those with the most effcient supply chains, which translates into lowest costs and prices. However, there are those retailers that do not attempt to match low-price leaders and have succeeded by managing their brands and demonstrating to consumers why they are different.

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Fast Magazine’s Best and Worst Brand Extensions of 2008

Brand extension is “the application of a brand beyond its initial range of products, or outside of its category. This becomes possible when the brand image and attributes have contributed to a perception with the consumer where the brand and not the product is the decision driver”

Fast Magazine published in an article their choice of best and worst brand extensions of last year:

Top best extensions:

  • Coppertone sunglasses
  • Mr. Clean Performance Car Washes
  • Juicy Crittoure (a pampered pet line of doggie duds)
  • Zagat physician ratings

Worst extensions:

  • Burger King men’s apparel
  • Kellogg’s hip-hop streetwear
  • Kanye West trip-booking web site
  • La-Z-Boy spas

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