Revitalizing a Mature Brand

Building a strong brand takes time, commitment, and hard work, but the result is one of the most valuable assets a company can own. Instant identification in the mind of the customer, a reputation for competence and quality, the knowledge that the promises of the brand are genuine and not just slogans…the list of benefits goes on.

A strong, mature brand isn’t a static asset. It must be cared for and nurtured, kept fresh, dynamic, relevant, and at top of mind while retaining its unmistakable identity and heritage.

Revitalizing a mature brand is to a degree the classic meeting of irresistible force and immovable object. One side of the argument is “change or die,” while the other is “tradition is paramount.”

The correct course, naturally, lies somewhere in between. The trick is to place yourself in the center of that debate and hear both sides. The “10-80-10” rule of focus is useful here:

  • Acknowledge your heritage (10%)
  • Address the needs of today (80%)
  • Look forward to the future (10%)

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