Brand Elements

Martin Jelsema, marketing consultant and freelance promotional writer, graphics designer and founder of Signature Strategies has an interesting list of elements that should be considered and incorporated into any company’s branding strategy. They will take on a different mix of importance depending on factors such as product life cycles, competitive activity, importance to consumers, loyalty patterns of consumers, commodity/custom perception and others. But within this product environment, these elements will all have to be addressed.

  • Existing perceptions of the product category by target market segments.
  • Existing structure and infrastructure in this product category.
  • Competition for the same dollar from other product categories.
  • Product attributes deemed important to target market segments.
  • The positions currently occupied by you and your competitors in the collective minds of target market segments.
  • Product differentials, real or perceived by target market segments.
  • Corporate images of the marketers of products in your category.
  • Expectations of buyers about products in your category.
  • The programs, activities and policies in support of your brand. They include names, logos, packaging, slogans, ad content, ad media, ad specialties, trade shows, contests sponsored, public relations, literature, promotions, events sponsored, distribution channels used, charities and causes supported, web site activity, guarantees, return policies, co-branding activities, graphic standards, customer relations policies and personnel, audio symbols/themes, trade association and standards committee participation, and any other activities that provide exposure of the brand to your markets by you and by your competitors.
  • Relation of a particular brand with other brands from the same company (line extensions, brand adaptations, co-offerings etc.).
  • Budget and financial considerations.
  • Product expectations for volume, profit, longevity.

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