America’s Top Brands – The CEOs Perspective

According to a survey recently conducted by City Business Journals Network and Russell Marketing Research, the 10 brands best-known by American CEOs are as follows:

1. UPS
2. Dell
3. Microsoft
4. Sony
5. Sam’s Club
6. Southwest Airlines
7. QuickBooks
8. Costco Wholesale
9. FedEx
10.Best Buy

Respondents said they ranked UPS highly for being an industry leader, forward- thinking, easy to use, ethical, popular and a growing company.
The awards are based on a survey conducted by American City Business Journals’ subsidiary City Business Journals Network and Russell Marketing Research.

In January and February, researchers spoke to the CEOs, business owners and presidents of companies nationwide — conducting more than 1,000 telephone interviews — to rate 235 different brands.

This is the first year UPS has been ranked best brand overall. In 2005, the company was ranked highest in the category of business services.

Brands included in the survey came from a spectrum of industries including business services, financial and insurance services, travel, technology, telecommunications and retail. They were evaluated based on attributes such as customer service, popularity with consumers, ethics, innovation and the value of the service they provided to their customers.

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