UK Superbrands

Microsoft has taken first place in this year’s Superbrands Awards, intended to recognise the highest standards of branding.

The BBC came second, with British Airways third and Mercedes-Benz and Porsche taking fourth and fifth respectively. Marks & Spencer proved its return to favour with the public by taking sixth place.

The Superbrands Council, which includes direct marketing guru Drayton Bird and the co-founder of Innocent drinks Richard Reed, considered more than 1,200 brands. Of these, 650 were selected and rated by a 2,373 strong consumer panel, coordinated by market research company YouGov.

The survey respondents were asked to judge the brands against the following definition of a Superbrand: ‘A Superbrand has established the finest reputation in its field and offers consumers emotional and tangible advantages over other brands, which consumers want and recognise.

Superbrands said it had decided to include consumers in the selection process for the awards this year because they are becoming increasingly brand savvy.

Top 10 Superbrands

  1. Microsoft
  2. BBC
  3. British Airways
  4. Mercedes-Benz
  5. Porsche
  6. Marks & Spencer
  7. Google
  8. Heinz
  9. Duracell
  10. Sony

The full list of the top 500 Superbrands can be viewed at

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