Top 10 Brands – Harris Interactive “Best Brands” Survey

Sony is leading the Harris Interactive “Best Brands” survey for the seventh year in a row. Apple is the gainer making in the top 10 this year, while the loosers of the year could be considered Kraft Foods which is loosing 6 places (from 3rd to 9th) and General Motors which dropped from No. 8 to No. 17.

“We would like you to think about brands or names of products and services you know. Considering everything, which three brands do you consider the best?” was the question asked and answered by 2,351 U.S. adults surveyed online by Harris Interactive® between June 7 and 13, 2006.

Survey responses were unaided and a list of brand names was not presented to respondents. The results from this survey cannot be compared to results of the Harris Interactive 2006 EquiTrend Brand Study results, as the methodologies for the surveys differ.

Half of the top-10 brands are for electronics products; three are for automobile and two for consumer and packaged goods.

1. Sony
2. Dell
3. Coca-Cola
4. Toyota
5. Ford
6. Honda
7. Hewlett-Packard
8. General Electric
9. Kraft Foods
10. Apple

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