2007 – Interesting Year Start in Brands and Branding

2007 definitely started with a lot of agitation in some of the big brands courtyard.

I’d start with the Apple Computers who dropped computer from its name. The move is rather normal considering that iPod or iTunes are two of the main products of Apple Inc. and was announced in the same time with the buzzy launching of iPhone. Now, getting to this, cannot help myself not to admire the Apple capacity to create a buzz in the media, no matter that we’re talking about the internet of the classic mass media. The phone they launched is, I admit, a work of art and has a lot of great features but I wouldn’t hurry to name it neither a Blackberry killer, a computer or a smart phone. It’s more like a beautifully designed, big brand sustained swiss knife of mobiles.

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7 Reasons to Brand Your Business

A business without a brand name is like a product that does not have a name. You’ve got to ensure a high impact branding strategy that will help your customer to remember you, your products and your services. In this case, it is your articles and your quality of writing are what should be remembered the most.

Jason has put up a list of 7 reasons why you should brand your name:

  1. Branding creates product awareness
  2. Branding can relay your product’s performance.
  3. Branding is your mark as the maker.
  4. Name branding ensures your customers will remember you.
  5. Branding completes your overall marketing strategy.
  6. Branding makes marketing so much easier.
  7. Branding promotes sales.

Britain’s Oldest Brand

Lyle’s Golden Syrup has been named as Britain’s oldest brand, with its green and gold packaging having remained almost unchanged since 1885. The Guinness Book of Records gave the breakfast and teatime sweetener, whose tins bear the image of a lion and a biblical quotation, the prized honor.

The syrup came into being as a by-product of sugar refined by Scottish businessman Abram Lyle in London. It was first stored in tins in 1885 – a million tins are now produced monthly.

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