Small brands

Should a small company use branding as a part of its competitive strategy? There are some factors that imply that brands with a small geographic market have a good chance to steal market shares from the gigantic, global brands.

The most important thing from a small brands perspective is to be strong in its own defined market. A smaller brand has an opportunity to serve its customers in a more flexible and in a more creative way than its greater counterparts. Most of all that goes for small brands that live and breath closer to its customers than big, global brands. Many of these small brands have a chance to get stronger if they stop having inferiority complex against the bigger brands and start to make their brands more clear and focused, and build their brand in a new and exiting way.

Small companies with local and regional markets seem to have accepted the global brand´s dominance over their customers and live by the convention that branding costs too much money and they are left to compete with product offerings and price. Even though they have realized their opportunity to offer personal service, it is seldom you come across companies that manage to do so in a unique or exiting way. Therefore they do not manage to overcross the hindrance which the credibility of the big brands put up.

You do not build a strong brand only through advertising and media, it is the collected, over all experience that makes a strong brand. This experience is infl uenced by all encounters you have with a brand, how the salesperson act, how other personnel interact with you, service, packaging, public relations, etc. The bottom line is to which degree you manage to satisfy those needs that you have promised to satisfy.

Small companies have flat organisations, the decision making process should be a lot easier and they are physically close to the market they wish to attract. Yes, small companies may have less money to spend on large media, but due to their small sizes a possibility to create a near, unique and possibly also an exciting experience for their customers. In a small organisation it should be much easier to manage and perform a consistent branding strategy. The possibility lays not in thinking big, but to think further.

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