Slogans and Branding

Companies spend billions searching for memorable slogans, but the payoff is elusive and other key aspects of business may be neglected. Today, however, memorable slogans are the exception, not the rule. Slogans aren’t magic, and in most cases consumers don’t pay that much attention to them anyway. Companies that focus too much on slogans end up neglecting the truly important aspects of their businesses.

Don’t advertise your aspirations – Saying “We love to see you smile” or “Quality is Job One” challenges cynical consumers to prove you wrong, which they’re all too happy to do. The very advantage small businesses often have over bigger competitors is customer service, so the last thing you want to do is put forth an empty slogan that doesn’t deliver.

Give your slogan time to develop – Companies that change their slogans too often never give them a chance to take root. You have to be patient.

Consider not using a slogan at all – While a slogan can be an excellent ribbon to wrap around your [tag]brand identity[/tag], it’s not the sum and substance of it. Slogans, and the ad campaigns that deliver them, come and go. But great brands are timeless. Focus less on your slogan and more on your [tag]brand[/tag]. Make sure your product or service is relevant to consumers and that your identity in the marketplace is consistent. If a good turn of phrase happens to capture the essence of that identity, use it

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