Personal Branding Re-loaded

In addition to being able to boast these enviable benefits, strong brands have something else in common. They all exhibit the ā€œthree Cā€™sā€ of branding: Clarity; Consistency; and Constancy. Does your brand pass the Three C Test?


Strong brands are clear about who they are and who they are not. They understand their unique promise of value. And this promise of value sets them apart from their competitors. It differentiates them and allows them to attract and build loyalty among the groups of people who can help them achieve their goals.


In addition to being clear about who they are, strong brands are also consistent. Madonna is an excellent example of brand consistency. She is the chameleon brand of entertainment. She reinvents herself with each CD that she produces.


Strong brands are constant. They are always there for their customers and prospects or for those people who can help them achieve their professional goals.

Full article: The Three C’s of Personal Branding

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