Five Key Ideas About Branding

1. Your brand is the sum of the experiences that your customers have whenever they are exposed to your product or message. It is this breadth that gives a brand depth and endurance.

2. You control your brand if these experiences are planned and conform to your vision. At this level, branding is strategic, not tactical.

3. Your brand is consistent if these experiences all say the same thing to your audiences. Do all customers feel that they are valued and cared for? If they do, your brand is consistent across all venues and will experience great synergy.

4. Your brand is working if these experiences create the desired impression in the minds, hearts, and pockets of your target audiences. And remember, the impression you want to own is one of relevance.

5. Your brand is successful if the perception you have created makes people act in the right way. In other words,do people follow through? Do they enroll? Do they give money? Do they commit? Or better yet, do they talk you up? Do you get buzz?

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