Corporate Branding Key Concepts

Discussing about branding and corporate branding we meet a lot of different and sometimes confusing concepts, sometimes similar or sometimes very different, sometimes unanimously similar understood or sometimes generating controversy in terms of meaning.

Corporate Philosophy – the business mission and values espoused by the management board (or founder).

Corporate Personality – the sum total of the characteristics of the organisation or a distinct organisational culture, which reflects the organisations (or founders) distinct mission and philosophy

Corporate Image – consisting of two components; functional and emotional. Functional relates to tangible characteristics while the emotional component is associated with psychological dimensions that are manifested by feelings and attitudes towards a company. Or it can be described as a profile or sum of impressions and expectations of that organisation, built up in the minds of individuals who comprise its publics.

Corporate Identity – comes into being when there is a common ownership of an organisations philosophy which is manifest in a distinct corporate culture (the corporate personality). At its most profound, the public feel that they have ownership of the philosophy.

Corporate Reputation – a collective representation of a firm’s past actions and results that describes the firm’s ability to deliver valued outcomes to multiple stakeholders.

Corporate Associations – a generic label used for “all information about a organisation that a person holds, including perceptions, inferences, and beliefs about a organisation.

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4 thoughts on “Corporate Branding Key Concepts

  1. Hello. I am a student. I am confusing that diference between branding and corporate brand. I did many research on it, however I cannot find the result on it. Would you mind tell me that the main diference between them? Thank you for your attention.

  2. Hello Mandy,

    I am also a student, but I would say branding is the process itself of establishing a brand. There are different kinds of brands such as the corporate brand, a product brand or a service brand. If you brand a corporate name its different from branding a product.

    Hope that was the answer to your question.
    Kind regards

  3. Hello, i am a student, can anyone help me the difference between Image building and Reputation management?

  4. Hie Abdul

    what if you say reputation building and reputation management,instead if image…in my opinion reputation and image are all the same

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