Brands vs. Tomorrow’s Major Consumers: Teenagers

GenWorld Teen Study just released by Energy BBDO has interesting information for marketers, giving them some suggestions on how to reach tomorrow’s major consumers: teenagers. Conducted in 13 countries, the study found a worldwide generation is being guided by one ethical code: authenticity.

[..] unlike the Gen-Xers that preceded them, this new generation believes there are causes worth supporting, with 70% agreeing with the statement, “I would fight for a cause I believe in.”

So what does this means for brands? In a statement, Walker said, “The days of a Nike-style mega brand that dominates an entire generation may be over, but so is the enclave-ization of the teen world into stereotypical Skaters, Goths, Geeks and Cool Kids. Welcome to a world with as many different definitions of cool as there are individuals.”

The PDF copy of the report can be seen HERE (PDF, 2.6 MB)

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