BBC on Brands and Slogans

Brand identity is something all companies worry about. One way companies are trying to attract and retain our attention is through memorable corporate slogans.

These catchphrases are designed to sum up the essence of a business in a way that will stick in the mind and trip off the tongue.

Marketing professionals say a corporate slogan must be concise and distinctive, encapsulating a basic “promise” to a company’s users.

BBC had an interesting analysis on some of the world well known brands slogans from Carlsberg’s Probably the best beer in the world to Honda’s Power of Dreams. Here’s what they say about Carlsberg:

First used in the 1970s, the “probably the best” line has evolved in many different directions over the years.

What is Carlsberg saying?

Carlsberg drinkers are successful but enjoy laughing at themselves.

Expert opinion:

Carlsberg’s slogan has resonated down the years, Graham Hales says, but has also put a bit of strain on the product.

“The contemporary ads – like probably the best flatmate – have taken the concept into new territory and taken the pressure off Carlsberg of terms of it being probably the best lager in the world.”

“That is a very difficult thing to claim or substantiate.”

Impact verdict: Still refreshing

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