A Brand Comeback

There is an interesting article on Influx pointing out six key learning points behind the Lacoste brand comeback.

Lacoste has coming roaring back from obscurity to become one of the hottest sports/apparel brands around. The company’s US sales grew in the US of 1000% in 5 years. Not bad for a brand that was once languishing under General Mills’s ownership.

What can other brands learn from Lacoste’s comeback?

  1. History Can Be Made Relevant to Today
  2. If You Have an Iconic Identity, Use It
  3. Seize Relevant Trends
  4. Don’t Be Scared to Innovate
  5. Patience Pays
  6. Scarcity Adds Value

Read the full InfluxStyle article: 6 Reasons Behind a Brand Comeback- Learning From Lacoste

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