8 Important Attributes of a Branded Organisation

Building a brand requires real understanding, knowledge, talent, correct creative skills, resources, and, of course, time.

Some businessmen think the product is the brand. Even a company itself is a brand they cannot recognize. The goodwill, image of the company can create an impact on the whole products or brand which they may not realize. They perhaps get to some understanding; when it has got some market hiccup, but before that they hardly bother. After experiencing any downside it is difficult to repair. Business people still do not understand that it is a matter of experience.

Brand has got a much larger and long term impact, because it is not only the product but it is also it is the culture — values, principles, people, ethical, spiritual dimensions and also after-sales services of the organization. All these create credibility and [tag]loyalty[/tag].

Besides these, a real [tag]brand[/tag] requires eight things important to nourish a company:

  • visionary organisation
  • simple and focused leadership
  • caring organisation
  • learning organisation
  • customer centric organisation
  • quality organisation
  • incubating organisation
  • innovative and creative organisation

Above all, a real brand built on honesty, to be clearly perceived by the customer. So total brand experience is whatever is within; like a mirror it is a true reflection of a company. Outside and inside should be the same, looking and giving a uniform feeling. That credential gives a brand real value, develop image and creates impact. At the end it helps to increase bottom line: the profit.

One thought on “8 Important Attributes of a Branded Organisation

  1. Great list of traits found in a branded organization! When I worked for Saturn (the car company) those traits drove our thinking.

    When you say, “outside and inside should be the same” it reminded me of one of the things we use to say at Saturn. “Nothing should be said in an internal meeting that we wouldn’t want a guest or Saturn owner to hear”.

    Thanks for enlarging the conversation and for sharing your insights!

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