6 To Do’s When Branding Your Business

Corporations must be very concerned with branding and advertising practices that attract customers or retain them, as effective branding and advertising can have postive impact on corporate profitability.

Here are six suggestions that Howard D. Hill, Ph.D., president and CEO of Associates in Education in Orangeburg is proposing to assist corporations (and smaller companies) in maintaining dominance in desired areas of operation:

  1. Relate to targeted markets. Go aggressively after them and protect market interests.
  2. Make periodic assessments of market conditions. Businesses must constantly mine market-related data to improve the products being promoted.
  3. Study competitors to determine what promotes their successes or failures. Emulate corporate successes and minimize failures.
  4. Maintain a focused commitment to customer service. Satisfied customers are assets.
  5. Use technology to boost business operations: Web sites, fliers, online purchases, etc.
  6. Demonstrate the use of savvy business and advertising practices, detailing how the corporation is better than its competitors. Let this be widely known!


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