6 Steps to Develop Your Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand differs, however, from creating a commercial or company brand in that personal brand is not something one invents. Instead, your personal brand is the reflection of what already exists — your unique strengths, qualities, and talents. The process of personal branding helps you learn, own, and communicate what you have to offer the world and what renders you distinct from everyone else. In other words, it helps you make sure that whatever people say about you behind your back is what you want them to say.

Here is a list of 6 steps to consider when you start building your personal brand:

(1) Build awareness of your personal strength and talents
You must learn to really take credit for who you are — to understand what your values are, to apply them to your life, and to make them relevant to the people around you.

(2) Control your doubts and fears
At times we all engage in self-limiting behaviors that prevent us from getting what we want. And often we go through life acting — adjusting ourselves to whatever self-concept we happen to believe in at that particular moment. Creating an identity that’s consistent with your core, authentic self is what makes your personal brand shine.

(3) Know how you are perceived by others
You must be aware of the impact you make on others. This knowledge is essential in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and in moving towards where you want to be.

(4) Communicate your brand
The ultimate goal of personal branding is to be known for who you are, what you stand for, and what value you bring. When you communicate your brand, you take the insights you gained in the three previous steps and convey them to create a memorable identity.

(5) Update your image
Just as you update your internal self-concept, you need to work on your external appearance. Retaining a qualified image consultant can help adopt the ultimate image that will communicate your brand.

(6) Learn international protocol.
Good manners and knowledge of protocol are indispensable in presenting yourself and your brand in the global marketplace.


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  1. This is an insightful article, I has opened my mind to really see other side of branding. I also being a personal branding consultant, love your touch on the topic each time.
    I took time to read each of this and To listen to what my perception about personal branding.
    I think is good, more of this.

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