2 Deadly Sins and 2 Golden Rules in Branding

Inq7.net is publishing an interesting interview with best-selling marketing author and brand strategist Al Ries, co-author of “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding” and “The Origin of Brands : Discover the Natural Laws of Product Innovation and Business Survival” on the common mistakes in branding and marketing products.

According to Ries there are the two deadly sins most commonly made by companies in the branding and marketing of their products:

1. Line extension — putting the company name on every product. You can’t stand for something if you put your name on everything.
2. Lack of focus — trying to sell too many products to too many different markets.

Accordingly, there are also two golden rules:

1. Be first in a new category
2. Keep your company focused.

These are simple, conceptual ideas, of course, but not easy to execute. Many people think marketing is nothing but common sense, but it’s not. Marketing is a highly complex discipline that takes decades to learn.

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