10 New Rules of Branding

Simon Williams of branding consultancy Sterling Group argues, that in today’s Savvier-than-ever consumers environment, brands have to work that little bit harder and smarter to cut through. To achieve the cut through Simon proposes a new set of marketing rules. Interesting, not enough, but worth to be considered, here is the succinct list:

  1. Brands that influence culture sell more; culture is the new catalyst for growth.
  2. A brand with no point of view has no point; full-flavor branding is in, vanilla is out.
  3. Today’s consumer is leading from the front; this is the smartest generation to have ever walked the planet.
  4. Customize wherever and whenever you can; customization is tomorrow’s killer whale.
  5. Forget the transaction, just give me an experience; the mandate is simple: Wow them every day, every way.
  6. Deliver clarity at point of purchase; be obsessive about presentation.
  7. You are only as good as your weakest link; do you know where you’re vulnerable?
  8. Social responsibility is no longer an option; what’s your cause, what’s your contribution?
  9. Pulse, pace, and passion really make a difference; had your heartbeat checked recently?
  10. Innovation is the new boardroom favorite.

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